Why feminism can hurt relationships

For decades, women have fought for equality between men and women, have always wanted to be treated as equal, and want to have the same privileges as men do. However, in a relationship, feminism is not so good because of many reasons.

Reason why feminism is not helping a relationship grow

Feminism is like a social status among women and men who believes in the cause. Though feminists have their reasons to exist, being a feminist in a relationship where only one is a feminist and the other is not is a disaster waiting to happen. With the stubbornness of the feminist and the traditional ways of the other, the relationship can get hurt.

Split the bill

From the beginning of time, men have always taken the lead in relationships. It the effort given by men in courtship that makes women fall for them, it is the thoughtfulness of giving sweet things like flowers and chocolates that makes women swoon, and it is the manly gesture of paying for women’s needs that makes men gallant. Men are romantic when they want to be, especially when they’re in love. However, if a feminist woman is in a relationship with a traditional guy, insisting on splitting the bill during their meal in a restaurant can ruin the romance, and possibly the relationship.

Career first

It has been a tradition that men are the breadwinners of the family. Men are supposed to look for a job and means to feed the whole family and provide everything that they need. Women are supposed to stay home and take care of the kids, and in this modern world, women work but still takes a lot of time to take care of their family. For a feminist, career is very important and on top of the priority list. Feminist women tend to disregard their relationships with men, especially men who do not agree with feminism. To be in a relationship with a woman who will not allow being second only to her partner in career will more likely to ruin the relationship than nurture it.

More time for the self

Feminist women makes more time for themselves than submissive women who gives all their time to their partners and family. Men are the head of the family and women are the glue that keeps it together. If the feminist wife and mother give more time to herself, then she will somehow neglect her duties as a mother to her children and a wife to her husband. Children looks up to their mothers, and if they can see that their own mother prefers to enjoy herself as a woman than devote all her time and energy in making herself better, then what kind of emotional damage will that do to the young ones? What good will that do to the marriage? For sure, the feminism value of valuing the self than others will hurt the family and the relationship with the husband.

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