Best ways to exit a horrible date

Dating is an essential part of our lives. We have been on dates since our teenage years, and even if we are already in a relationship or married, we still go on a date with our partners to keep the fire burning. But admittedly, there are times in the past when we are thrown into a date that we just can’t wait to escape from. Somehow, we found ourselves in a situation where we became very good at making swift and unexpected exits just to get away from a date that we know is not going to go anywhere.

Methodical ways to exit a date gone wrong

People date because they searching for someone to be with, a person that they can have a relationship with. There are many ways to get a date, either through online dating site, going out socially to meet new people, or get referrals from your friends for eligible singles they know. But, if the date didn’t go right from the start or in the middle of the conversation, then it’s time to gracefully exit.

Always be prepared

Before you go on your date, make sure that you have a back-up plan ready in case your date goes sideways. Have a friend stay near where your date will be, just in case you need to escape, you can have your friend pretend to accidentally bump into you and strike a conversation and join you, or have your friend call you and pretend to have an important matter to discuss with you that cannot wait, or say you are needed for an emergency meeting at work. Whatever your plans are, make sure you run it through with your friends thoroughly to avoid detection.

Give it a few minutes more

You may not be enjoying your date because the person is not someone that you can relate to, or you find your date unresponsive or not a good conversationalist. Give your date a few more minutes of your time, because you’ll never know that the person may just be having a bad day, or is not feeling well. If the mood did not improve, then exercise your exit strategy. But before you do, make sure first that it is your date who is the problem, and not you.

Be honest

This is very hard to do, and social etiquette does not demand this of you, but you can actually be honest to your date and tell the truth that the date is not working out for you. Like you, your date is observing you, and may also have an exit strategy in place. Being honest about how bad the date is may even be a good opportunity for both of you to bond, to examine what went wrong, hat you need to improve. And honesty on your first bad date may even be the road to have a truthful, genuine relationship with a person you have not expected to love.

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